About the Project

Dr. Strain and Dr. Blumenfield were very gratified with the success of the book Psychosomatic Medicine published by Wolters Kluwer which they edited and had over 90 international contributors and included a DVD as part of it. In contemplating whether they would want to try to make a second edition, they decided to go in another direction. They believe that the Internet and new educational media provides a unique outreach to professionals all over the world for teaching psychosomatic medicine. They decided to develop an international Internet course which would be offered to colleagues in various departments of psychiatry throughout the world where they had various contacts. They would teach the initial course themselves but would hope to expand it to include lecturers from among the contributors of their book as well as other experts.
This is not a commercial endeavor and the goal is to share information from the specialty of Psychosomatic Medicine throughout the world.

The first course was being taught in Cali , Colombia, South America in the Department of Psychiatry with the coordination of Dr. Hernán G. Rincón. The curriculum being used can be found on this site. The second course was taught in Rwanda in conjunction with the Kigali Health Institute and the Rwanda Psychiatric Society with the coordination of Dr. Charles Mundenge.

We welcome inquiries from colleagues throughout the world who might be interested in having a course taught in their department. We also would be glad to hear from our colleagues who would want to be on our faculty for future teaching. Our contact information is on this site.

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