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Description of Course given in Cali, Colombia, South America

Neurosciences Unit

Psychiatry and Psychology Section

Course on Psychosomatic Medicine

Directors: Michael Blumenfield, M.D. & James Strain, M.D.

Course Description: Presented by Psychosomatic Medicine World Wide. A 36 hours interactive Skype based pilot course on psychosomatic medicine following the Psychosomatic Medicine Book by Michael Blumenfield and James J. Strain (Editors). The course includes 24 hours of independent learning reading and 8 – 12 hours of interactive discussion with editors and/or authors. It includes one copy of the psychosomatic medicine book and DVD for each participant.

Expected Audience: Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Medical Surgical Specialists, Nurses and other Health Professionals of Cali, Colombia, with interest in the field. Participation will be certified by the Director of the Office for Medical Education of Fundación Valle del Lili Medical Center.

Method: Participants are expected to previously review the book chapter related with the specific topic to be discussed. On each date there will be a 60 – 90 minutes interactive lecture with opportunity for questions and discussion. The course will be taught in English. The course coordinator in Cali (Hernán G. Rincón) will contribute to translate whenever is necessary and appropriate.

Agenda and specific topics

September 14 – Introduction & Depression as A Systemic Disease- Dr. Strain

September 21- Psychiatric Aspects of Pregnancy & Obstetrics – Dr. Blumenfield

September 28 – Drug – Drug Interaction in Medical Setting- Dr. Strain

October 5 – Burn & Trauma –Dr. Blumenfield

October 12 – Endocrine Disorder including Diabetes Mellitus- Dr. Blumenfield

October 19 – Psychodynamic Approach, Onset of Disease, Patients Reactions to

Disease & Doctor Patient Relationship- Dr. Blumenfield

October 26 – Delirium, Dementia & AIDS –Dr. Strain

November 2 – Using a C-L Model, C-L Rounds, Ombudsman Rounds, Ethics,

Summary- Feedback Session – Dr. Strain

Course Objectives.

At the conclusion of the course the participants will have received the following:

1- A survey of the field of Psychosomatic Medicine and an explanation of the concept of depression as systemic disease.

2- An understanding of some of the psychological concepts involved in pregnancy as well as psychological complications that can develop in the prepartum and postpartum period in both women and men.

3- An introduction to how to approach drug-drug interactions particularly utilizing psychotropic medications in patients with various medical conditions.

4- A review of the psychological complications of burn and trauma injuries

5- A review of the psychological factors involved in diabetes mellitus and other endocrine disorders

6- A discussion of the application of psychodynamic theory in the medical setting with particular emphasis on the doctor –patient relationship

7- How to diagnose delirium & dementia in AIDS and other conditions

8- A discussion of the Consultation/Liaison model including special teaching rounds -Ombudsman Rounds – & the role of Ethics Committees

Dates: The course with run on Tuesdays from September 14th – November 2nd at 13:00 through 14:30 hours. In case it is needed, after November 7th the time will change to 14:00-15:30.

Master Book Description: Psychosomatic Medicine by Michael Blumenfield and Jim Strain provides a fresh approach to mastering the concepts and practice of modern consultation-liaison psychiatry for residents, practitioners, and other professionals interested in psychiatric and medical comorbidity. Features: * Special topics that include: diagnostic dilemmas, depression as a systemic disease, women’s disorders, genetics, sexuality, ethical considerations, drug interactions, evidence based medicine, medical informatics, and many more. *Section openers written by the book editors that tie the chapters together and draw illuminating comparisons between concepts. *Colorful illustrations, case examples, and tables that highlight key points. *A stellar group of over 90 contributors sharing information on their areas of expertise. The bonus DVD features: *The fully searchable complete text and references. *Nearly 300 multiple choice self-test questions, answers, and explanations. *41 Power Point lectures summarizing the material presented in the book for use in your presentations. *The full version of the Micro-Cares Literature Search System, a software program that allows easy collection, annotation, storage, and retrieval of medical bibliographic citations. *Sample version of the Micro-Cares Clinical Information System for Consult-Liaison psychiatry, an electronic medical record platform that tracks patient care and documents your patient portfolio. *Sample version of the Micro-Cares Medical Student Tracking System, a customized software program that documents the teaching experience and complies with the Liaison Committee for Medical Education (LCME) requirements that medical schools rigorously document students’ clinical and teaching exposure

Registration: Participants are expected to register in advance calling or writing to the office for Medical Education

Course Logistic’s Coordinator in Cali: Hernán G. Rincón, M.D., MPH. email: Cell Phone: 3155394160.


Curriculum of Course Given in Kigali Rwanda, Africa

Coordinated by Dr. Charles Mundenge


 Rwanda 2012 -13 Schedule




Dec 7 Blumenfield Psychodynamic i Onset of Disease and Patients Reactions to Illness

Dec 14  Strain I Depression as a Systemic Disease using Heart Disease and Diabetes as Modes

Dec 21 Strain– Delirium Dementia and HIV Disease

Dec 28 No Class

Jan 4  Blumenfield Psychiatric Aspects of OB-GYn

Jan 11 Strain Drug Interactions

Jan 18 Blumenfield Review of Psychiatric Aspects Cancer, Renal Disease and GI Disorders

Jan 25 Blumenfield  Psychiatric Aspects of Burn and trauma

Feb 2nd Strain C/L Model Ombudsman Rounds – EthicsFeedbacl

Feb 9    Alternate Class if there is cancellation



2014  Schedule

Course given at Sekomu Memorial Univiersity, Lushoto, Tanzania

Taught by Dr. James. T. Strain  – Visiting Professor

Feb 24-28  15 Lectures on the Psychological Care of the Medically Ill

Feb 24 – History of Psychosomatic Medicine

Feb 24 –  Depression as a Systemic Illness

Feb 24 –  Drug – Drug Interactions

Feb 24 –  Psychological reactions to Medical Illness


Feb 25 –  Death and Dying

Feb 25 –  Cancer

Feb 25 –  Stroke

Feb 25 –  HIV


Feb 26 –  Endocrinopathies

Feb 26 –  Anxiety

Feb 26 –  Suicide

Feb 26 –  Infectious Disease


Feb 27 – Pain and Palliative Care

Feb 27 –  Evidenced Based Medicine

Feb 27 –  C-L Psychiatry




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